June Maths-Whizz Champion

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Here at Whizz Education, we’re all about celebrating success, which is why we’ve brought back our monthly Maths-Whizz Champion award. This award celebrates the success of Maths-Whizz students around the world and is a great opportunity for parents and teachers alike to shine a light on the amazing progress their child or students have been making in maths.

We want to thank everyone who submitted; it was hard to pick June’s champion with so many great nominations, but after a lot of careful thought we finally settled on a winner.

Without any further ado, we’d like to announce that Shanaya from the UK is the June Maths-Whizz Champion. Keep up the hard work Shanaya! We also want to say well done to everyone that was nominated for this month’s award, your hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed.

We spoke with Shanaya’s mum to find out more about their journey with Maths-Whizz and to see how she motivates Shanaya to keep engaging with Maths-Whizz.

Whizz Education: How long have you been using Maths-Whizz?

Lovely Chabbra: Shanaya started using Maths-Whizz this year when she got the details from her school, so it has only been a few months. However, we did an assessment for her last year in March 2019 when she was 5.5 years old and her assessment age came out to be 7.8 years.

W: What are the biggest improvements you’ve noticed in your child? 

L: Shanaya loves mathematics and although earlier she used to focus and repeat on the topics she was good at like addition, place value and fractions, with more interactive exercises she started enjoying and learning complex problems about time, money etc. in Topic Challenge. The Maths-Whizz parent reports and webinars also helped me understand how we can advise her better.

W: What does your child like most about Maths-Whizz? 

L: Shanaya loves the fun and interactive interface of Maths-Whizz a lot. The profiles, games with aliens, fun sounds and the achievement of earning gems and levels of “Apprentice” and “Pro” all amazes her. She says she feels like she is learning while playing a game and it is fun! This is very important for her age.

W: What are the best ways you’ve found to encourage your child to use Maths-Whizz? 

L: We always knew that mathematics is Shanaya’s favourite subject and we were looking for ways to encourage her to learn more. When we found Maths-Whizz, we loved it and so did she. We encouraged her to use it more by showing her the leaderboards, her Maths Age, which inspired her a lot, and the fun parts of achieving a higher status, earning credits and gems. She loves challenges and Maths-Whizz helped her explore her skills further. We would also like to thank her school, Monkfield Park Primary School, a lot for all the encouragement and motivation she received from her teacher to do her best. Thank you!

So, there we have it. The Maths-Whizz Champion is officially back. Congratulations again to Shanaya and thank you to everyone for their nominations. The search starts for the July Maths-Whizz Champion. Has your child, or one your students, been working extra hard recently? Or perhaps you’ve seen a big increase in their confidence in maths. If you think they deserve recognition for their work, nominate them for the July Maths-Whizz Champion award now!

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