Lockdown doesn’t have to mean learning loss

by admin

The full cost of lockdown to children’s education and wellbeing won’t be known for some time to come. We do know, however, that when students face severe disruptions to schooling, they often experience ‘learning loss’. Not only are they unable to progress forward in the curriculum, they actually lose much of their hard-earned knowledge.

We’ve looked at the data on Maths-Whizz during 2020 and have found that in mathematics:

  • Around half of students experienced learning loss between March 2020 (when the first round of lockdowns came in) and November 2020.
  • The average learning loss for those students was a staggering eight months. Here’s how learning loss (measured in years) breaks down by topic:

No parent wants to feel like their child’s education is a lottery. As we enter another cycle of lockdown, you’ll be looking for ways to ensure your child’s learning can continue, and to recover any learning they may have lost.

Here’s the good news – our research shows that with an hour a week of virtual tutoring, tailored to your child’s needs, they can expect to learn at 1.5x their usual pace. If your child has experienced learning losses due to school closures, they can quickly get back up to speed and press ahead through the curriculum.

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