Schools can now manage their teachers’ logins

by admin

One of our guiding principles at Whizz is to make our products as easy to use as possible. We’ve gathered feedback from teachers the world over and one request that has popped up over and over is the ability to manage your school’s teacher logins through your own Maths-Whizz account.

With our latest release, schools are able to manage, add or edit a teacher contact to their account. In addition to this, you’ll also be able to remove accounts of teachers who are no longer at your school.

Managing your contacts couldn’t be easier: first go to the new ‘Manage School’ panel in the main menu.

This page will already be familiar to you if you’ve ever added student accounts. Now you’ll also find a ‘Teachers’ menu on the left side, which allows you to add teacher contacts in much the same way:

Once a contact is added, they will have access to reports and Teachers’ Resource through the email address you provide for them. So you have full control over who accesses your school data. If your teachers already have a username but aren’t sure of their password, just ask them to request a password reset on the login page.

Everything is explained in a short tutorial video on your teacher management page:

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