The return of Mathman – eat dots, execute sums, earn credits in our competition

by admin

Mathman is back by popular demand! Your child can now practice their mental maths in this Pacman-themed game. As if gobbling those dots while escaping goblins wasn’t fun enough, Mathman comes with the added thrill of arithmetic problems, from basic sums to order of operations.

We’re a little hooked here at Whizz Towers. Fabien from our Product team has notched up a whopping 20,763 points by reaching Level 7.

Can you get close to Whizz’s Personal Best? If so, we’d love to hear from you – simply email a screenshot of your child’s score to [email protected] by no later than midnight on Sunday August 23. We’ll give 500 credits to the highest scoring entrant, and a bonus 500 credits to anyone who manages to beat Fabien’s score. Winners will be announced at the end of the month!

Your child will notice that we’ve moved all the games over to the Playzone to make them easier to find. The games can be accessed from the bottom-left menu.

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