What is Virtual Tutoring?

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When you hear ‘Virtual Tutor’ do you think of a human tutor at the end of a crackly video link delivering teaching?

Think again. Virtual tutors harness artificial intelligence and robust educational pedagogy AI to simulate the behaviour of a human tutor, presented through interactive, animated lessons to bring maths to life.

Children may believe they’re playing maths games, but really, they’re receiving one-to-one tuition with the best tutor in town – one with proven results, the best pedagogical practices in mind, a will to provide undivided attention at any time of the day, and the ability to adapt to your child’s needs and pace-of learning – all with the aim of boosting confidence, making maths fun, and ultimately accelerating learning!

Where Virtual Tutors do Better

Virtual tutors are designed to be a consistent addition to an educational routine, rather than an expensive, emergency relief effort when a child has fallen behind, or has an exam approaching. Here’s how virtual tutors have a profound long-term impact on classroom learning:

Not just an insurance policy

Because one month of virtual tuition costs the same as just one hour of a human tutor’s time, virtual tutoring is a more realistic way of providing the continuous, consistent, individualised support that elevates the learning potential of every child

Guaranteed Learning Outcomes

Unlike the local student or the retired teacher who your child did not gel with, Maths-Whizz has guaranteed success. Our research demonstrates that spending one hour on Maths-Whizz a week results in 18 months of progress in the first year of use.

Combating Summer Learning Loss

After the summer break, children typically return to school worse at maths than when they left at the start of the summer. Teachers lack the time to revisit last year’s material and have to forge ahead, inevitably leaving children behind. The Maths-Whizz tutor maintains and improves mathematical ability over the school holidays so that children return to school equipped to thrive.

We’re ahead of the crowds in developing and defining ‘Virtual Tutoring’, but it won’t be long until the term is embedded in our everyday, educational vocabulary and we’re chatting about the Maths-Whizz tutor that got our child to love maths. Hundreds of thousands of parents have already discussed and then hired a virtual tutor to kick-start their child’s learning journey because they want to see their grades sky-rocket as a result of a teacher’s undivided attention.

1.5 million children have been enrolled on individualised learning programmes with Maths-Whizz and have received specialised instruction according to unique, AI-generated teaching plans. We admire, and are grateful for, those parents who are willing to research pioneering technologies and take the initiative to use this unfamiliar, but thoroughly tested and provably effective, educational tool to help their child to gain an education apart from the crowd.

Virtual tutors are the very-best and most-dutiful of teaching assistants, quite unlike the sci-fi, human-hating inventions always shown on the TV!

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